Smart Health & Fitness Band

Sporty smartband with Working time of 7-10 days with normal usage on a single charge, Step Count Monitoring Function, 24H Heart and Sleep Rate Monitor, IP68 dust & Waterproof, Bluetooth 4.0, Call & Notification alert and much more.

Product Features
  1. TFT Full touch coloured Display

  2. Compatible with android (4.4 & above) & iOS (9.0 & above) devices , Bluetooth version: 4.2

  3. 24H Heart Rate Monitoring, Stopwatch; Find phone, Alarm ClockSedentary Alert( in specified time pushing you to do some exercise)

  4. IP68 Dust & Waterproof

  5. Step Count Monitoring Function with target completion reminder & Calories burn tracking

  6. Working time Up to 7-10 days of normal usage on single charge

  7. Track your time of light & deep sleep stages and get personal sleep insights.Control music player & Camera remotely

  8. Supports upto 14 sports modes like Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball, Football etc

  9. Call and Notification Alert: SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn, Email, Calendar, Skype etc

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Model Name


Item Weight

22 g

Product Dimensions

24 x 2.2 x 1.3 cm


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required (included)

Item model number


Operating System

Compatible with android (4.4 & above) & iOS (9.0 & above) devices.

Included Components

1 Smart Band and User Manual

Display Technology


Screen Size

0.96 inch

Display Type



4.35 Volts


0.333 Watts

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Polymer

Wireless Type


Total Usb Ports


Q: How to turn on PLAYFIT 53 for the first time?

Product must be activated by charging before initial use. The device will automatically power on.


Q: How to charge PLAYFIT 53?

Remove the PLAYFIT body from the wrist strap. Insert the main body of wristband into the USB interface for charging activation.


Q: Is PLAYFIT 53 Waterproof?

PLAYFIT 53 is designed and tested for IP68 rating.


Q: What is IP68?

PLAYFIT 53 has been tested to IP68 rating. It is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes.


Q: What are the battery capacity and endurance of PLAYFIT 53?

PLAYFIT 53 comes with a lab tested battery capacity of 90mAh, and the charging time for 0-to-full charge is less than hours. Normally, the band can be used for up to 10 Days on single charge.


Q: Why does my band PLAYFIT 53 use power quickly?

Two most power-consuming items of PLAYFIT 53 is the motor vibration and the screen. It is normal to consume more power if the band vibrates many times or receives many notifications. If you don't use the foregoing functions frequently on the band, it is suggested to turn-off the notification alert and alarm function on the band which will keep you away from distraction.


Q: Why aren't the steps increasing after I've started walking?

The band will give notifications when the battery is below 10% and 5%. When the band is totally out of power, it will trigger an automatic shutdown.


Q: Will the band give a notification when the battery is low?

The band will give notifications when the battery is below 10% and 5%. When the band is totally out of power, it will trigger an automatic shutdown.


Q: How to get the PLAYFIT App?

On your mobile device, open your Google’s Pay Store or Apple’s App Store and search for PLAYFIT-IOT application from world of play. You will need to download it on your Android and iOS mobile device for being able to monitor the different functions of your fitness regime.


Q: Which account should I use to log in to the PLAYFIT App?

You can login through creating an account or via Facebook/Google+ into PLAYFIT application to allow you to make changes to default settings on your band and activity tracking. Your data is secured and saved on our server for 1 year rolling period. You can use any valid email for logging in the application.


Q: What should I do if I can't log in/logout of the PLAYFIT App?

  1. Check whether your account and password are correct. You can make use of “Forget Password”, in case required.
  2. App attempts to syncs data when logout is triggered. Make sure your mobile device is in network with WiFi or mobile data network for data to be securely backed up on the PLAY servers.
  3. Clear cache data for PLAYFIT app and try again.
  4. You can try Force Stop the App and try logging again.
  5. Restart your mobile device (at times the Bluetooth of the mobile device get stalled).

Q: How to synchronize data? What should I do when the 1 synchronization fails?

  1. When the mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on and the PLAYFIT App is opened, the data will be automatically synchronized. You may also pull down the data list on the main interface of the PLAYFIT App to manually synchronize data whenever you wish to do so.
  2. If the synchronization fails, you may try the following steps:
    1. First, you may pull down the data list to perform manual synchronization. If it doesn't work, Force Stop the PLAYFIT App and restart it.
    2. If the above operations make no difference, switch off and then turn on the mobile device Bluetooth once or restart the mobile device.


  1. For Android users, you may try to clear the Bluetooth data in mobile device settings before restarting the phone.
  2. For iOS users, you may find the device "PLAYFIT 53" in the Bluetooth list of mobile phone settings, click to ignore the mobile device, and then switch off and then turn on the mobile device’s Bluetooth once or restart the mobile device.

Q: Why doesn't the band display Call Alerts or Notifications?

  1. The band should be always connected to the phone, and the Bluetooth should be always turned on.
  2. Settings of Call Alert & Notifications Alert are turned on from PLAYFIT App.
  3. Check all the permission are properly provided from phone settings.

Q: What should I do if I can't search and bind my mobile phone with PLAYFIT 53?

  1. Make sure the display on the band is ON when attempting to bind with App.
  2. The band can't be searched and bound when the battery dies. Therefore, you may check whether the band has any power left. If not, you may charge it before you retry the search and binding.
  3. Switch off and then turn on the mobile device Bluetooth.
  4. Restart the mobile device.

Notes: If the previously bound mobile device is within the Bluetooth range of the band, the mobile device will preferentially establish a connection with the previously bound band.

Q: How do I upgrade the Firmware of PLAYFIT 53?

You must create account with login details on the PLAYFIT application to allow you to check if any latest update is available to upgrade the firmware. In PLAYFIT application, you need to go to “Account” section and check for update under “My Device” option.


Q: Do I have to always turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth when using PLAYFIT 53?

  1. Notifications for Incoming calls, SMS, music control, App notifications, all require keeping the Bluetooth of the mobile device in the “on” state for the band and the mobile device to remain connected for notification display.
  2. Step counting/heart rate detection/Clock/Alarm and idle alerts do not require keeping the Bluetooth of the mobile device in the “on” state. After the band is successfully bound and connected to your mobile device, you may wear the band without keeping the Bluetooth in the “on” state. After use, you can connect the band to the mobile device to synchronous and view the data.

Q: Why doesn't the band display Call Alerts or Notifications after I've set WhatsApp, Instagram, and other App message notifications on the PLAYFIT 53?

The following are necessary conditions for the band to display WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and other App message notifications:

  1. PLAYFIT App should keep running in the background. When the App receives the message in the background, the band will vibrate and display the notification.
  2. The band should be always connected to the phone, and the Bluetooth should be always turned on.

Q: Why does the band display the number only without indicating the name when getting incoming calls?

For Android phones, you need to enable PLAYFIT App to read the contact information (find Phone Settings - Application Management - PLAYFIT App - Permission Management and check all permissions).


Q: Why does my band keep disconnecting from phone?

  1. Need to ensure band and connected handset are in range of the Bluetooth.
  2. As App runs the GPS Activity, we need to ensure that location is always turned on.
  3. Need to ensure that PLAYFIT App should keep running in the background.
  4. When not connected immediately after opening the App, please try to reset your Bluetooth cache from your connected phone settings.
  5. In case of still any issue in connection, you can logout from the App and login again.

Q: Why doesn't the band display Call Alerts or Notifications in iOS phone?

  1. The band should be always connected to the phone, and the Bluetooth should be always turned on.
  2. Ensure the settings for Call alert & notifications alert are turned ON with all the permissions.
  3. Ensure all the permissions are allowed in iPhone which are asked while setting PLAYFIT Application.
  4. Ensure “Share System Notifications” is turned ON in Bluetooth settings of the phone under Bluetooth Name of the device.
  5. After all these if still doesn’t work, please restart your phone and allow all the asked settings.

Q: What factors can affect the heart rate reading result?

  1. Non-standard wearing manners such as light leakage caused by imperfect fitting, arm swinging, and slight movement of the band on the skin can affect the measurement of heart rate signals. Wearing the band too tightly, raising the arm, and making a fist can also affect blood circulation and thereby affect heart rate signals which is normal for medical purposes also.
  2. The correct way of measurement is to keep your arm flat, relax, still, and make sure that the band is close to your arm. Notes: With the correct wearing manner, individual differences in skin color, hair, tattoos, and scars may also affect heart rate monitoring.

(The heart rate of people with brown skin as measured by band may vary in accuracy, because darker skin colors can absorb green light from the sensors.)

Q: How to view the application version of PLAYFIT App and the firmware version of the band?

In PLAYFIT application, you need to go to “Account” section and check under “My Device” option to know the application version. Also, Firmware version of the band can be found there.


Q: Does the radiation of PLAYFIT 53 harm the human body?

PLAYFIT 53 is made with a low-power consumption Bluetooth chip. Its radiation is much lower than that of a Bluetooth headset, and its signal strength is less than one thousandth of that of a mobile phone. After more than ten years of studies and surveys, the World Health Organization finds that Bluetooth signals will not do any harm to the human body. Therefore, please be rest assured to use the product.


Q: Can I put customized band faces on PLAYFIT 53?

PLAYFIT 53 comes preloaded with 5 different band faces to suit your lifestyle. Currently, upload of customize band faces feature is not enabled.


Q: How to set date and time on PLAYFIT 53 band?

PLAYFIT 53 synchronizes with your phone for Time and Date settings. Make sure the band is connected with App and Synchronized. Perform a manual Sync by pulling down the screen if necessary.

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