AI Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Crafted with AI Algorithm and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation that gives you an immersive audio experience, Hearing Optimization that tailors the sound, Smart Sensor Control, Bluetooth 5.0, Autoplay & Pause and more.

Product Features
  1. Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation enabled by five microphones.

  2. Smart Touch and Talk with gesture based controls

  3. Transparency Mode

  4. Auto Pause & Play with built-in infrared sensors

  5. Qualcomm QCc chipset ensures 2x data transfer speeds and 4x coverage basis older generation

  6. Microphone with CVC technology

  7. High-definition Apt-X LL codec

  8. Luxurious Leather Earcups design
  9. Ergonomic Design
  10. IPX4 design for Water and Sweatproof
  11. 24hrs+ Battery with 1000mAH battery Life
  12. Voice Assistant
  13. USB Type-C Charging
  14. App Control
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Noise Cancellation type

Yes, Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

ANC peak value (dB etc)


Compatible Operating System

All Mobile Devices with Bluetooth Connectivity

Battery capacity(mAh)


Battery type

Lithium Polymer

Charging time

Approximately 4 hours

Dust and water resistance degree



Blue and red (power and connection Status Indicator)

In-line Remote





One-year limited warranty




Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth® wireless technology

Qualcomm QCC

Operating range

Up to 10 meters (33 feet)



Speaker size


Speaker frequency range


20Hz to 20kHz


Talk time


Up to 24 hours





Main unit dimension (HxWxL mm)


82 x 171 x 187

Design and Material



Medallion Brown & Graphite Grey



Headphone Design

Over the head

Materials used


Q: How to connect PLAYGO BH70 to a Bluetooth devices?

  1. Place the source device within 10 m (33 feet) of the headphones. Make sure the headphones and Bluetooth source device are both sufficiently charged.
  2. First Pairing: Turn-On headphone by pressing power button . The product is automatically in the pairing mode with the indicator flashing alternating red-blue. Select PLAYGO BH70 from the Bluetooth device list to complete the first pairing.
  3. New Pairing: Activate pairing mode by double click Power button on the headset. When the indicator flashes alternating red-blue, the product is ready to pair again.
  4. Built-in voice prompts can further assist during pairing.


Q: How to optimize noise canceling function to suit the environment?

  1. Your headphones have Hybrid Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Technology for more effective noise cancellation. You can control the amount of environmental noise you want to let in or block out with ANC Toggle to choose between ANC ON /OFF Modes and Transparency Mode.
  2. Further levels of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) can be set in PLAYGO App. There are 2 ANC levels (Bus/Train and Normal), for personalization.


Q: How to adjust Equalizers?

Download PLAYGO APP available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Connect already paired headphones with App. You can pick between EQ presets Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hi-Fi, as well as create your own custom equalizer to suit a favorite genre.


Q: How to use AI feature to personalize listening experience?

With headphones connected to PLAYGO App, enter into “Personalize Hearing Curve” mode. After a simple test, built-in AI algorithm learns and creates your own sound profile according to your sound sensitivity. Follow the instructions on the App to complete the process. Once done, it will automatically take the feedback and modify the sound effect of the headset.


Q: Can I use PLAYGO BH70 with Smart TV, Laptop or Tablet?

  1. PLAYGO BH70 can be paired with most of the devices like laptops, tablets and smart TV’s that supports Bluetooth Technology compatible with A2DP.
  2. However, PLAY does not guarantee Bluetooth compatibility with all TV manufacturers.


Q: Music or Media does not pause when I remove headphones while playing. Auto Pause & Play is not working?

  1. The audio pauses automatically when you take off the headphones, then resumes when you put them back on. The user can disable this function via the App. Please check the settings on the App if this function is enabled.
  2. The sensor positioned inside of the left earcup looks for close proximity for wear detection. Check for any obstruction on the sensor or try cleaning it with a soft cloth.


Q: Headphones are not responding to button commands or device seems to hang?

Just in case if PLAYGO BH70 seems to stop responding to button commands, reset the device by simply connecting to type-C charger cable provided and other end to USB power source. Restart the headphone and connect to your phone.


Q: Listening to ambient sound during music playback?

You can control the amount of environmental noise you want to let in or block out with ANC Toggle to choose between ANC ON / OFF Modes and Transparency Mode.


Q: There is no sound from my headphones.

  1. Make sure your audio source is on and the volume is up on your phone. Make sure volume is turned up on headphone by adjusting the volume up button on Right Earcup housing of PLAYGO BH70.
  2. Make sure the headphones are charged.
  3. Check the connection of your headphones with phone.


Q: How to clean headphones?

  1. For Hard Surface - dampen a small cloth with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer and gently wipe down the exterior of the ear pads. Then soak a cotton bud in alcohol/ hand sanitizer and use it to clean the nooks and crevices.
  2. For Leather Earpads - wipe them down with a small cloth dampened with some soap and warm water. Wipe dry with some paper towels and leave to air dry completely.


Q: How to reset headphones?

Go to settings (  geared symbol button) on PLAYGO App. Select Reset option to clear headphones of all settings and reset the device.


Q: How to turn off the Auto Pause & Play Function?

Go to settings (  geared symbol button) on PLAYGO App. Toggle Auto Pause & Play setting to Turn-Off.

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